Our Mission

Our goal is to always deliver excellence through performance, quality, service and competitive pricing delivered by our dedicated, professional team.

We are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Our products are designed for simplified installation and easy operation which results in reduced labor costs.

Fuel Watchman Sales & Service, Inc. is a third generation family owned and operated business located in the South Bronx, New York. It was started in the early 1940’s out of a garage in Flushing. The founder, George Strysko, started the company when he was a superintendent of several buildings. George believed the product would not only make the job of a building superintendent easier, but more importantly, would also save the landlord fuel oil costs. The Fuel Watchman Company was born. In the beginning he was the salesman, assembler, installer and serviceman. Eventually, the company grew and it was necessary to move from the small garage in Flushing to its first factory space in the south Bronx in the 1950’s.

Prior to founding Fuel Watchman, George had to manually start the heating systems for each building.  He grew tired of getting up every morning to start the multiple boilers under his management and, as a result, he came up with an idea to control the boilers automatically. He designed an automatic heating device that controlled the start and stop of the building’s boilers based on outside temperature and time of day which would alleviate the need of having to perform that task every day. It would also increase the comfort level in the building and save fuel oil. He refined the device, built it and went out and sold it.