Product Information

Approved for use in New York City under Calendar No. 31130

The Smoke Watchman Model SPD is a Microprocessor Controller used to protect the heating Plant from unnecessary amounts of carbon deposits in your flue chamber. It also limits the amount of smoke over and above the legal limit.

When properly set, the Smoke Watchman helps reduce excess amounts of air pollution.

When the Smoke Watchman Cell Unit senses smoke above the legal limit, the alarm will ring for two (2) minutes and the digital display on the main panel, will count up in seconds. After two (2) minutes (120 seconds) have past, it will cut off the burner automatically and the display will read “OFF”. The burner will remain off until it is reset manually. The alarm will continue to ring until the panel is reset.

The Spot Light Unit uses a standard sealed beam spotlight to eliminate focusing. A light adjustment control is incorporated to extend lamp life.

The Cell Unit at the breaching consists of a photocell and transformer only. No other parts are in the box. All controls and adjustments are made from the main panel on the control board.



Note 1:

Smoke Watchman Model SPD is manufactured with a plug in panel and standard size Main Panel enclosure for all previous Smoke Watchman Model SP Units. If service or replacement is required, it can be readily accomplished.

Note 2:

When mounting the Spot Light (transmitter) and Cell Unit (receiver) on the breaching, the Cell Unit MUST BE installed at least six (6) inches from breaching.